Spread Pool 2020: Schedule Mayhem!

Run a football pool, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Rather than just reschedule a game to a new week the NFL threw a HUGE curveball at us and rearranged a BUNCH of game on the schedule.

Our rules for handling rescheduled games has always been to have the game count towards the original week it was scheduled, no matter when it is actually played.

That plan works well when the game gets rescheduled for LATER in the season. It works not-so-well when a game is rescheduled for EARLIER in the season (is “preponed” a word?). If a Week 10 game gets played in Week 6 things get WEIRD.

To keep things non-weird the pool schedule will be adjusted to match the NFL’s schedule whenever we have one of these “preponements”.

Based on the changes from the latest schedule shakeup, here’s how the pool will be impacted:

GameOriginal WeekRescheduled WeekCounts Towards Pool Week
Pittsburgh at Tennessee474
Pittsburgh at Baltimore787
Denver at New England565
Kansas City at Buffalo666
NY Jets at Miami1066
NY Jets at LA Chargers61111
Jacksonville at LA Chargers877
LA Chargers at Denver1188
LA Chargers at Miami71010
Miami at Denver61111

If a single game gets pushed out and no other games are impacted, we will do what we’ve done so far: count the game towards its original week.

So that’s where things stand today. Who can guess what tomorrow may bring!

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